An Excellent Rangefinder

Rangefinders can come in handy for many applications, but mainly for golfing. They take the guess work out of your game and give accurate results, helping you choose which club to use thereby saving you time on the green. This rangefinder by Suaoki is feature packed and easy to use.

This review is on the Suaoki 660 Yards Digital Laser Rangefinder. Packed in a nicely designed box, the rangefinder included a carry case, a CR2 battery, and a cleaning cloth. The inclusion of a battery was great, as I was able to use it right out of the box. The build quality of the rangefinder is fantastic, it feels solid in the hand. The eyepiece has a rubber eye cup, which is very comfortable. On the top of the unit is a Power button and a Mode button. On the side of the unit is a backlit LCD screen. Being that the rangefinder is waterproof is a big plus.

Using the rangefinder is as simple as pressing the power button and then the Mode button to choose your desired mode. There are 4 modes: Ranging, Flagpole Lock, Golf Distance Correction, and Fog. Each of these modes display their respective icons on both the LCD screen and in the viewfinder.  The rangefinder has a max range of 600 meters with 6x magnification, and accuracy to within 1 meter which is accurate enough for me.

The different modes work great in different situations.  The Ranging mode gives me the distance to the subject I am aiming at. The Flagpole lock Mode is able to calculate the distance to a flagpole, and even isolate it from objects in the background. The Golf Distance Correction Mode is good for slopes, allowing me to calculate the trajectory of the shot. The Fog Mode modifies the distance calculation for interference caused by the fog, which gives accurate results even in foggy situations.

I received this rangefinder in exchange for my unbiased review, and I think it is a feature packed rangefinder.

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