Mudder Tripod Head with Quick Release Plate

Having a quality tripod head is just as important as having a quality tripod. With that said, just as wobbly tripod legs will affect the footage, so will a wobbly tripod head.

This review is on the Mudder Tripod Head with Quick Release Plate. At first glance, this tripod head seems very well built with quality materials. The tripod head is made mostly of aluminum, with handles and knobs rubber and plastic. My camera i mounted on the quick release plate which is secured to the tripod head with a screw clamp. On the screw which tightens the clamp is a bubble level which works great at keeping the mount level.

Movement of the tripod head is oh so smooth, making panning a breeze. It glides up/down left/right like butter making my panning look great. at the base of the tripod head are 360 degree markings so you can keep track of pans, which is great for time lapses and panoramas.

I received this tripod head in exchange for my unbiased review, and I truly think this is a great tripod head for the price.

This tripod head can be found on Amazon over here:



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