Mudder Dimmable Mini Rechargeable LED Video Light

Having an external light accompany my photography and videography is a great help, especially when shooting indoors or in poor lighting situations. I have used this light by Mudder for portrait and product photography and i have to say I am very pleased with it’s output.

This review is on the Mudder Dimmable Mini Rechargeable LED Video Light. This video light emits a nice daylight like light, somewhere around 5000k, which I like very much especially when coupled with the included white diffuser, as it casts a nice natural light. Also included in the package were a warming and a cooling diffuser, which worked great too. The light can be dimmed to several levels using the plus and minus buttons on the units side.

The light has a built in battery which is rechargeable via the included Micro USB cable, and like like this method of power better than batteries as I can just plug in a small portable battery pack in case the battery ever gets low. On the rear of the unit is a LED battery indicator which gives me a heads up of where the battery is holding.

When it comes to mounting the light, there are a few options. It can be mounted to a smartphone or tablet with an adapter that plugs into the headphone jack, or with the reusable sticky pad on the back of the light. The sticky pad has a plastic cover to protect it from getting dirty when not  in use. The light can be also mounted to a phone or selfie stick with the included spring loaded clamp. There is also a cold mount hot shoe adapter which can be screwed on to the light with the tiny screw and screwdriver included in the box. The fact that there are so many ways to mount this light makes it very versatile, however the lack of a small pouch to put all the small parts, screws, etc. is a nuisance as these parts can get lost very easily.

I received this video light in exchange for my honest review, and overall I am pretty pleased with it.

This video light can be found here on Amazon:



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