Kebelo M-CD2 Universal Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount

I have been searching for a way to mount my Asus Tablet in my car for use as a GPS and media player for a while, and a CD slot style car mount appealed most to me as it will let me mount the tablet in the car without interfering with the visibility of the windshield.

This review is on the Kebelo M-CD2 Universal Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount for Tablets and Smartphones. The mount seems to be well made, with heavy duty plastic parts and large metal screws. The CD blade has an interlocking design that is made up of two separate blades. When placed into the CD slot a knob on the device can be turned which raises on blade and lowers the other, which in turn locks the mount into the CD slot. This design has proven successful in my car where even while driving over bumpy terrain the mount still remained stable.

The magnetic head on the mount is covered in a branded piece of rubber, which grips my tablet very nicely. Under the piece of rubber are four very strong magnets which hold my 7 inch tablet really well. It doesn’t budge. The magnetic head is attached to the CD blade with a 360 degree rotatable  ball mount which enables me to adjust the viewing angle of the tablet to my liking.

Included in the package were two metal plates for affixing to my phone/tablet, one with adhesive and one without, the latter meant to be placed between the phone case and the phone.

I received this mount at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review, and I am very happy with it.

This CD mount can be purchased here on Amazon:



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