E-PRANCE Aluminum Burger Press

To me, a solid burger can be compared to a good steak. All those flavors and juices flowing everywhere (especially with a sunny side up on top!) sooth my palate. When making burgers at home I try hard to keep things uniform, including ingredients and the size of the patties. With the help of a burger press, my food looks and tastes better.

This review is on the E-PRANCE Aluminum Burger Press. Using this burger press was just as easy as screwing on the handle and filling it up with minced meat, and bam! perfect patties! Due to the fact that it is made out of aluminum, it’s surface is relatively non stick, so the patties just fall out when turned upside down. The grooves in the press also give my burgers nice grill lines for the times when i’m frying and not grilling the burgers. The lower part of the press can also be placed directly over a flame which is great as it can be used as a small grill pan.

I received this burger press in exchange for my honest review, and i really think it works well at making uniformly sized burgers.

This burger press can be purchased here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1KOnanM



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