Mudder 60w Soldering Iron

Iv’e got lots of hobbies, and one of them is building and repairing electronics. The most important tool in my kit is a soldering iron, and I find it imperative to be a quality one.

This review is on the Mudder 60w Soldering Iron. The Mudder 60w soldering iron is none like I have used in the past, as it has many notable features. Firstly, it is a 60w iron, which in turn helps it heat up faster than the other irons I’ve owned. The build quality of the unit was also very well done. There is a nice comfortable rubber grip at it’s base, as well as temperature dial (200 °C – 450 °C) and on/off switch. There is an indicator light when the unit is powered on which is a great help to me, as I have burnt my hands countless times in the past thinking the iron was off while it was really on. Having a temperature dial makes the iron more modular as I can use this iron with regular electronics as well as more sensitive electronics.

Included in the package is the iron, 6 tips, a tube of solder, and a metal stand. Installing a tip onto the iron is as simple as unscrewing the little finger knob right below the rubber grip, pulling off the heat dissipator and inserting a tip. The tips come in a variety of shapes and they can be used for soldering, as well as burning/engraving wood.

I received this soldering iron at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and I really think it is a great iron.

This soldering iron can be found on Amazon right here:



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