EasyAcc Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Stereo Headphones

This review is on the EasyAcc Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Stereo Headphones.

To start off, these headphones, come packed in a very chic box, with a laser cut foam insert, just like its more expensive counterparts. In the box there is a pair of headphones (well duh!), a Micro USB charging cord, a cable buckle, a plethora of different sized earbuds and a manual.

Pairing the headphones to my smartphone was straight forward. First, I turned on my phones Bluetooth connection and put it in discovery mode. Then I held down the round button on the remote until the small LED on the right ear piece blinked red and blue. Then, on my phone I selected “QCY-QY11” from the list of discovered devices. And bam I was connected!

I was really impressed with the sound quality coming out of these things. To tell you the truth, at first glance I thought hey, these are probably cheap headphones in a fancy package, but I was wrong. These things have very nice bass for the size, and in general the sound quality was pretty nice for a pair at this price. Noise cancellation was also very impressive.

As for build quality and ergonomics, they feel very comfortable and seem like they will last long. On the remote there is a built in mic as well as volume up and down buttons. The volume buttons can also be used to change tracks if pressed and held.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with these headphones I received at discount in exchange for my unbiased review, and I would definitely  recommend them to anyone looking for a  pair of Bluetooth headphones.

These headphones can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/202kxp4

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