UNITEK 60W 6 Port Charging hub

In this day and age USB charging hubs are becoming a necessity, because pretty much everything from phones to game controllers rely on USB charging. This hub sports 6 ports, one of them a Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0, which helps to keep everything neat and only uses one plug outlet.

This review is on the UNITEK 60W 6 Port Charging hub. Out of the 6 ports, five of them have a power output of up to 2.4A, which is suitable for most modern phones and tablets.The sixth port is a QuickCharge 2.0 port which is designed to be used with QC 2.0 capable phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S6, Motorola Moto X, Nexus 6 and more.
This technology allows for up to 75% faster charging times. I tested the unit using four ports simultaneously and it provided without a hitch.

The charger includes a removable power cable, which helps keep it portable. It can be used both in North America and Europe thanks to it being capable of 110V-240V.

There is a flip out stand at the bottom that allows for vertical or horizontal use.

I received this charging hub at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and I really think it’s a powerful and reliable charger.

This charging hub can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ZJjyXp



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