Neewer NW-3000A Chromatic Clip On Tuner

This review is on the Neewer NW-3000A Chromatic Clip On Tuner.

Being that this is a chromatic tuner, it picks up the vibration coming from the guitar, or other stringed instrument, while eliminating external noise to provide a precise tuning.

The tuner is quite small and portable, yet durable, which makes it portable. The black matte finished casing is complimented with a changeable blue or green screen which is easy on the eyes.

Tuning my guitar was very simple, and I was able to do so right away as there was a battery included in the package. To tune my guitar I just clipped the unit to the headstock of my guitar, powered on the unit and selected the “G” function for guitar. It was reading my string picking in seconds. The tuner also works for other stringed instruments such as violins, bass and ukulele.

The rubber pads on the tuners clip provide for a snug fit, as well as protect the guitars finish from scratching. If the tuner remains inactive for 3 minutes it will turn off automatically, which is a nice feature.

I received this tuner at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, and I recommend it to those in the market for one, as it’s portable and precise.

This tuner can be found here on Amazon:



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