Conbrov DV100 Waterproof 1080p Action Camera

Action cams are all the rave these days, and getting a good on a budget may seem hard. This review is on the Conbrov DV100 Sports Action Camera with WiFi and a lot of other cool features.

The camera package included a waterproof case, which has a depth limit of 30 Meters which is great for most water sports. Also included were many mounts, such as a Bike Bracket, Tripod Mount, some Velcro straps, a clip mount, some 3M sticky mounts, zip-ties and more. A USB wall charger with a cable came in the package, as well as a USB wire with stripped wire ends. I think the latter can be used to connect the device to an external power source. There is also a motion detection function.

The yellow fronted camera is complimented with a nice 2 inch screen on it’s back. It has a Micro USB port as well as a mini HDMI port and Micro SD slot. The camera powers on quickly with the power button located on the front. The OK button on top of the camera starts and stops video recording. To take photos, press the DOWN button located at the cameras side. Pressing and holding the UP button turns off the screen to help save battery. Pressing and holding the DOWN button turns on/off the MIC for recording.

One of the notable features of this camera is WiFi. This gives me the ability to control the camera with my smartphone, as well as change it’s settings wirelessly. Setting up WiFi was very easy. First, I pressed and held the OK button for a few seconds until the WiFi icon showed up on the screen. Then from my phone, I went to WiFi connections and selected “SPORTS DV” from the menu. I entered 1234567890 as the password, and I was connected. The camera can be easily controlled via the free “AIT WiFi Cam Viewer” app which can be found on the app store. With the app, I was able to start/stop video recording, change the cameras parameters and view photos and videos that were taken with the camera.

Photo and video quality was pretty nice being that this camera is on the cheaper side, and I hope to post a sample video in the near future.

This camera can be purchased here on Amazon:


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