UNITEK Aluminum USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Dock with Offline Cloning

This review is on the UNITEK Aluminum USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Dock.

I have many hard drives without enclosures, and when I want to access the data on them I have to remove the enclosure from one of my hard drives and use it to connect to the other drive. This gets annoying and buying multiple enclosures is expensive. The Unitek dual bay hard drive dock was the solution to my problem.

The dock came in a box together with a USB cable and power adapter. It is enclosed in an attractive aluminum casing with polished edges. On the top panel of the dock there are indication lights which show the status of the transfer between two hard drives.

The beauty of this thing is that it has the capability to transfer data from one hard drive to the next, without a computer. All you got to do is insert the two hard drives in their respective slots, and hit the big Clone button which is located on the front of the unit. That’s it! You can also connect the unit to the computer via USB to transfer data. I didn’t need to install any additional drivers when plugging it in to my computer.

Due to the fact that the dock has USB 3.0, I can get speeds up to 405 MB/s when transfering data to my computer. When transferring data from one hard drive to the other without a computer, the speed increases up to 485 MB/s.

The dock is compatible with 2.5″ (laptop) and 3.5″ (standard) SATA l,ll and lll drives of any capacity.

I received this hard drive docking bay at a discount for my honest and unbiased review, and these are my true thoughts on the product.

This dock can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1lnnzSc

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