E-Prance DF800 Camera Flash

This review is on the E-Prance DF800 Camera Flash.

The DF800 camera flash by E-Prance is another cheap way to get the lighting I want at times when I need a flash but don’t want to use the internal flash. Using an external flash gives me more possibilities such place the flash where I want it and at what angle I want it, which is extremely useful in multi flash setups.

The flash is wireless ETTL capable, and it was very easy to get it going after installing the four AA batteries the flash runs on. When using it on camera (Canon T5i), all that was needed to be done was to slide the flash onto the cameras hotshoe, and turn the little knob to lock it in place. That was it. When I used the flash off camera, I pressed the ‘Mode’ button until I was on ETTL mode, then I held down the ‘Zoom’ button for 2 secs. and using the right and left arrow keys I selected “Slave On”, and voila! the flash worked wirelessly. Just note that the Canon T5i only has a built in Optical Flash Sensor, so the cameras flash will have to be up when using the external flash as a slave.

The Flash head is rotatable 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. It has 8 levels of output control & 22 levels of fine tuning.There is also a built in bounce card. Under a flap on the side of the unit is an external power port and a PC port. The flash has an auto focus assist laser which shines out a checkerboard pattern on the subject you are shooting, and really helps in low light photography.

Included in the box was also a flash stand and carry pouch.

This flash can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1NVcAL2

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