Neewer NW660lll E-TTL Camera Flash

This review is on the Neewer NW660lll E-TTL Camera Flash.

When photographing people or products with insufficient light, an external light is needed. The problem with using the internal flash most cameras have is that they don’t output much power, and most of the time you don’t want the light directly in front of the subject. Therefore we use an external flash.

The Neewer NW660lll is a pretty cheap alternative to Canon made flashes, and it is easy to use and has some nice features.

The flash head can rotate 180 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. This is great for times when using the flash on camera, where you can bounce the flash off a ceiling or wall to diffuse the light. There is also built in white card in the flash. The flash has multiple modes to trigger it: E-TTL, Master, Slave, S1/S2, Multi, and M. When using the flash with my Canon T5i (with the flash not on the camera) I use the S2 mode which is Optical Slave Mode, as this camera can only trigger the flash with the optical sensor, unless you use an external flash trigger. Just make sure the cameras built in flash is open, or it wont trigger the external flash.

The flash can also be used as a master flash to trigger other external flashes. This is great if you don’t own any other flash transmitters.

In the box there was also a flash stand (with tripod mounting hole), a travel pouch and a diffuser which snaps onto the flash.

Below is a quick before and after shot, one with the flash and one without.

I received this flash in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and I am happy to say that it is a great flash.

This flash can be found here on Amazon:


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