Quick Setup Indoor Surveillance Camera

This review is on the SPOTCAM HD Indoor 720P Wireless Surveillance Camera.

I got this camera because of the rising break-in rates in my neighborhood. I felt that having security cameras around the house would give me piece of mind and would scare would be burglars away.

The main reason why I purchased this model was because of its price, small and portable design and its ease of use. The camera included free 24 hour online recording storage which can be accessed on my Android phone through the free app, and online at www.myspotcam.com.

Setting up the camera took less than 10 minutes. The camera can be mounted to a wall or be placed on a table or bookshelf. The only thing I had to do to start up the camera was to plug it into an outlet. Next, on my computer I went to www.myspotcam.com and clicked “Add Camera” to create an account and add the camera. Adding the camera was simple and straightforward by simply following the onscreen instructions.

Once the camera was set up, I was able to change some of the cameras parameters by clicking the settings icon in my cameras page. I was able to create a schedule as well as turn on night vision and change the sensitivity of the mic. There was even a private link which I can share with my neighbors or family, in which they can view the camera feed too.

The camera also has a motion sensor which sends me alerts to my email, which is great if I’m out of town. With the built in mic and speaker, I can have a 2 way conversation with the person in the room, like an intercom.

The footage that the camera produces is very clear even in lower light situations. Reviewing the footage online is done by clicking through a timeline, and I am able to zoom in and even download the footage. Although the camera includes free 24 hours of storage, the storage time can be increased for a small fee, but for me 24 hours is enough.

Upon setting up the camera, I was prompted to install an update. I was very happy about this being that it looks like they have good support on this camera.

This camera can be purchased here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1lmDD6V

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