Neewer NW-800 Professional Studio Mic

This review is on the Neewer NW-800 Professional Studio Mic.

When seeing this mic online, the first thing that struck me was price. I was like, can a sub $30 studio mic sound good at all? I had a chance to put this mic to the test, and I was actually pretty impressed with it.

The mic came nicely packed in a foam padded box, which included: the mic of course, a shock mount, a mic cable (XLR to 3.5mm) and a foam wind filter.

The gold on matte black mic at only 316g was easily mountable on my desk suspension mic stand, without making the stand droop downwards like some other heavier mics tend to do. All that was needed to do to get started with the mic was: 1. screw the shock mount onto the stand, 2. pinch the clamps on the shock mount, 3. insert the mic, 4. connect the cable to the mic, 5. connect the other end of the mic to my mic input port.

When connected directly to my laptop with the included cable, I was immediately able to record into any audio editing program. The sound was nice and much clearer than I had expected from such a cheap mic. But when I plugged it into my keyboard, it didn’t produce any sound. The reason is because the mic needs power to work, and my keyboard doesn’t produce any, therefore I needed to connect it to phantom power to work. Although it works when plugged into a laptop, I would still use phantom power to get the best sound at full volume.

I received this mic in exchange for my honest review, and I think this mic is great for the price!

This mic can be found here on Amazon:

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