Archgon Slim External DVD+/- RW Drive

This review is on the Archgon Slim External DVD+/- RW Drive.

This slim drive is great for newer laptops that don’t include an internal CD drive, in order to keep the laptop thinner and lighter.

The drive came packed well in a box that included the drive, a USB Y cable, and a software CD. The drive is so easy to set up, as all I had to do to get it started up was plug one end of the USB cable into the drive, and then the other end into my laptop. And the best thing about it was that no new drivers were needed – It works great straight from the box.

The drive uses a Panasonic Super Multi Drive, which is very silent and reads discs nicely. This is good to know because some other companies use Chinese no name drives, which can be unreliable.

The included Y Cable has one mini-USB plug, which goes into the drive, and two regular USB plugs which plug into the computer. In my case, the drive worked perfectly when using only one plug. The point of the two regular USB plugs is that some older computers may not put out enough juice to power up the drive from only one USB port. This can also be the case when using a USB hub. So when plugging in both cables, the drive gets more power.

The camera includes a CD with Cyberlink Media Suite software, which includes Power DVD 12, Power2Go 8, and PhotoDirector.

I received this DVD drive in exchange for my honest review, and I really think this drive handles well.

This DVD drive can be found here on Amazon:

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