Inateck Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (BTSP-10P)

This review is on the Inateck Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (BTSP-10P).

Right out of the box this speaker was screamin’ “Turn me on!”.

I mean the build quality and craftsmanship of this thing is great! With it’s rubber textured hex shaped outer coating and the red accents, this speaker is hot. It feels great in the hand too, as it’s got a little heft to it. It doesn’t feel like one of those speakers that feel like they’re hollow inside.

Setting up the speaker was a breeze. All I did was:
1. Crack open an ice cold beer.
2. Power on the speaker.
3. Hold down the Bluetooth button until the LED flashes blue and red, about 6 seconds.
4. Then on my phone I searched for Bluetooth devices and selected Inateck from the list. I did not have to enter a passcode.
And voila! Fini!

This is one of the smallest 6 watt speakers I have used, yet size does not matter in this case. The sound that comes out of this speaker is crisp, rich, and bass heavy. Even at higher volumes it performed well.

Not only can the speaker play music or audio from games, it can also be used to make calls, with its built in mic.

Included in the package was a USB charging cord as well as nice braided AUX cord for my gadgets that dont have Bluetooth. Also included was a nice felt carry case.

I received this speaker in exchange for my honest opinion of it, and I am truly impressed with its sound quality and craftsmanship.

This great speaker can be found here on Amazon:

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