This review is on the Kamerar SD-1 Slider Mark ll

A good camera slider usually comes with a hefty price, so I was quite skeptical when it came to reviewing this slider. Sliders can cost up to $1000, yet this sub $200 slider glides like a beast. It adds a real nice professional look to my videos.

Check out my video below for unboxing and video samples.

This slider provides great bang for your buck considering the build quality and craftsmanship. I mean it’s got all metal construction! The slider is a nice size at 23″ which makes it highly portable. Also, being that it has ball bearing wheels, it works perfectly as a camera dolly too.

The red mounting plate is complimented by four bearings on its underside, which glide smoothly along the rail. I was able to adjust the tension of the wheel by turning the two hex screws on top of them. On the mounting plate are also two screws which a rope can be tied to, to further smooth my shots. I used simple fishing wire to pull the plate and it glided nicely due to the two bearing pulleys which are located on either end of the track.

Also on the mounting plate are four extra 1/4″ threaded holes to mount tripod heads or other gear. The slider has a metal knob brake which is useful during dolly shots and for transportation.

The slider has four adjustable legs with rubber feet which can go down during slider shots, and up for dolly shots. The legs can be mounted at six different locations on the slider which enable me to push the dolly in more angles. These holes can also be used to mount the slider to one or more tripods. 5 of them are 1/4″ and one is 3/8″. There is also a 1/4″ to 3/8″ adapter included in the package for bigger ball head mounts.

I was provided the unit in exchange for my honest opinion, and I think this slider is a great value for the price.

This slider can be found on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1GFXRN2
Here is the product on the Kamerar website: http://kamerar.com/…

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