KooPower C26 Bluetooth 4.0 Aluminum Speaker w/ Mic, Hook & Flashlight

This review is on the KooPower C26 Bluetooth 4.0 Aluminum Speaker w/ Mic, Hook & Flashlight.

So many times have I used Bluetooth speakers and they had either low quality sound or poor build quality. This speaker from KooPower though is much better than I had anticipated.

This super rugged speaker was extremely easy to use thanks to its large rubber buttons on top of the unit. There are Play/Puase, Volume Up/Down, Menu, and Flashlight buttons. The flashlight is a very powerful LED light which can come in handy at night parties. In the rear of the unit, there is an AUX input, Charging Port and an On/Off switch. These controls are all covered by a waterproof rubber flap.

The sound that comes out of this thing just amazed me! I couldn’t believe there’s a whopping 10 watts in this small thing! I played songs of Pop, Dance, Acoustic and classical genres, and the sound was thick, full and vibrant. Even bass heavy songs were greatly sounding. I did not sense any sound muffling or crumbling even at high volumes.

One thing that I like about this speaker is the fact that I can either connect to it via AUX or Bluetooth.
Connecting via Bluetooth is quite simple:
1. Put your phone in Bluetooth discovery mode, usually done through the settings menu in your phone/tablet
2. Turn On the speaker, which makes the speaker discoverable.
3. On your phone, look for the discovered devices list and select “C26”
Now your phone should be paired and route the audio to the speaker. The built in mic lets you even answer calls hands free.

The build quality is fantastic too. The aluminum speaker is encased in an orange silicone cover which protects it from falls and keeps out dust. The speaker also has an IP64 waterproof rating, meaning it can be used in the rain and during wet activities. The built in battery is capable of up to 10 hours of audio and in order to save some juice, the unit has an auto-off feature if it isn’t used for ten minutes.

I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest and informative review.

This product can be found on Amazon over here: http://amzn.to/1N9wp1L

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