Eachine AT55C 2.7 Inch Car Dash Cam

This review is for the Eachine AT55C 2.7 Inch Car Dash Cam.

I was sent this unit at a discounted price for an honest evaluation, and all I can say is that this Dash Cam is really better than I thought it would be. Having it in my car really gives me peace of mind.

Unlike some other Dash Cams, here are some features I liked aside from just recording video:

1. It has a lane departure warning system feature, which when turned on the unit beeps if you leave the lane you are driving in. This feature is great as it can save someone who dozes off accidentally.

2. It has a feature where if someone enters your lane right in front of you, or if you get within 30 meters of a car, it will beep notifying you.

3. There is a built in battery and LED light. This can be helpful in case of an accident, where the driver can take the camera out of the vehicle and record the damage outside the car.

4. It has a built in G Sensor which means it can detect movement. For example if the camera is shaken all of the sudden, it will assume you were in an accident and it will not overwrite the footage.

Installation of this Dash Cam is rather simple.

1. Just attach the included suction cup mount to your windshield
2. Put in your micro SD card (up to 32GB)
3. Connect the camera to the mount
4. Plug in
5. There is no 5!

Since there are little dots on the window in my car, behind the rearview mirror, the suction cup wouldn’t stick there. It sticks perfectly anywhere else on the window, just I wanted to mount it higher to conceal it more. So I placed some 3M double sided tape on the suction cup and stuck it to the window. It sticks very well. Just note that the more it is open to the sun, the hotter it can get and it does get really hot in the summer!

The dashcam plugs into any standard 12v outlet in the car. I hardwired it to the car for added concealment. To hide the wire I tucked it under the roof along the top of the windshield, then down along the drivers side window column. The wire then goes into my fuse box where it is connected with an “add a fuse” adapter.

The video quality of the unit is pretty impressive as it handles 1080p Hi-Def recording which is great during the day and even works pretty well at night. It van also record sound which I like.

The operating system is rather simple to use once you get used to it.

There are also HDMI and AV outputs so you can connect it to a TV for viewing. It can also be connected to a computer to transfer the videos.

This product can be found here on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1OK8mGT

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