Gmyle Compact Selfie Stick

This review is for the Gmyle Compact Selfie Stick.

Selfie Sticks have become the latest tech craze out there. This hot accessory allows you to take a picture on your phone while being in the picture. No more will you have to give your expensive phone to strangers to do it for you.

This Gmyle Aluminum selfie stick is equipped with Bluetooth to remotely take your pictures for you, as opposed to a wire that has to be plugged in to the phone. This enables more freedom and portability. And you dont have to worry about wires ripping. There are two buttons on the handle: A shutter button and a power button.

The clamp that holds the phone is spring loaded to help secure the phone. It has rubber pads which provide ample grip.
The clamps fold flat to ensure maximum portability. Removing the clamps reveals a GoPro accessory connector which gives you the ability to connect a GoPro.

Included in the box is a micro USB wire to charge the unit. Always a welcome accessory.
I was provided this product for evaluation and I love it!

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