GateKeeper Bluetooth-Enabled Computer Security Device

This review is for the GateKeeper Bluetooth-Enabled Computer Security Device.

Leaving my work computer unlocked and unattended is a great concern to me. It means that prying eyes have the ability to view and modify sensitive documents, or even worse, erase them.

I received the GateKeeper Keychain for review, and I have to say it is an impressive product. The metallic silver keychain comes in a well packed small box together with two batteries, one for use and a spare, a keyring, and a USB receiver.

The GateKeeper has two nice feautures:
1. It can, and has succesfully, lock and unlock my computer when the keychain is within a specified distance from the computer.
2. Together with the accompanying iOS/Android app, it can be used to locate a missing keyring, e.g. car keys, home keys, etc.

I found that setting up the keychain for use was pretty straight forward. All I had to do is pop in the battery, go to and download the software to my computer. Once installed, I was able to register the key with my computer and input my computers username and password into the program. I was also able to modify the distance that the keychain would lock/unlock my computer.

As for the keyring finder function goes, from my phone I went to the appstore and downloaded the gateKeeper app. Setting up the app was pretty straight forward, and in no time it was able to track my keyring.

The only thing I would like to see with this product is a premium aluminum version of the keychain.

The GateKeeper keychain can be found here on Amazon:

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