GMYLE Universal Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

This review is for the GMYLE Universal Bluetooth Keyboard for Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.

The Gmyle Bluetooth Keyboard is a great compact and portable keyboard.

The fact that its compatible with Wwindows, iOS and Android gives it great flexibility.

I really enjoy typing on this keyboard as the keys are very comfortable and nicely spaced.
The keys are the same size and layout as my HP DV7 Laptop, minus the number pad.

Connecting to the keyboard is very straight forward:
1. On the keyboard press [fn]+[C]. The blue LED should now flash.
2. On your device go to the Bluetooth Settings Menu and search for new devices.
3. Find the device named “BT 3.0 Keyboard” and select it to pair it.
4. The keyboard should now be up and running.

A very useful feature I found on this keyboard are the hotkeys.
In order to use them you must first select what type of device you are using.
*For Android, press [fn]+[Android]
*For Apple, press [fn]+[iOS]
*For Windows, press [fn]+[Windows]
After that’s set up, you have quick access to settings like Home,Back,Email,Screenshot,Lock,Brightness, Play/Pause,etc.

The keyboard has an auto turn off function which helps save your battery.

I received this product in exchange for an honest and informal review.

This Keyboard can be found here on Amazon:

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