Anker PowerLine Micro USB (10ft)

This review is for the Anker PowerLine Micro USB (10ft).

Sitting in the third bench of a mini van can be quite a daunting task. Especially on a 400 mile trip. 
Oh, and i forgot to mention, the lack of a 12v power socket in the vicinity. So its just me, an almost finished bag of Cheese Curls, and a dead phone.

Introducing the TEN FOOT (!) USB cable from Anker, the leader in USB devices.

This is one durably constructed cable that can withstand the high intensity power users demand.

Thanks to thick gauge wires the cable can deliver high speed interruption free data and power signals.

The wire is reinforced with Kevlar, a specialty material used in bullet proof vests and more, to ensure long lasting quality.

Although the cable is a whopping ten feet, it is very easy to keep neat due to its two built in velcro straps.
This product, which I received as a sample, is tough and reinforced and stands up to the power users demand.

This product can be found here on

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