Opolar Desk Clip and Wall Mountable Mini USB Fan

This review is for the Opolar Desk Clip and Wall Mountable Mini USB Fan.

After using this fan for a little while, I can attest to its impeccable workmanship and quality.

I was looking for a powerful desk fan yet with a small footprint, as the summer months were pouring heat into my office. I came across this fan and I must say it really does help cool down the desk area well.

The fan has two speed settings, high and low, that give you the breeze you want when you want it. The fan is rather quiet and gives off a subtle soothing sound.
The breeze it blows is enough to cool you, yet won’t blow around the papers on your desk.

The fan has 3 mounting options: Tabletop, clip-on and a wall mount.
The base of the fan detached from the spring loaded clip with a little pressure enabling you to clip the fan to the edge of a desk or a beds headboard.
The base also has mounting holes if you would like to hang it from a nail in the wall.

The fans head can rotate 360 degrees ensuring optimal comfort.

Thanks to the fact that it is powered by USB the fan consumes very little energy, and I think this is its main selling point. Being powered by USB gives you great flexibility in that you are able to power it from a computer or wall outlet via a USB power adapter.

What’s great about it being powered by USB is that you can power the fan during a power outage via a portable battery pack, which can be very vital especially during the summer months.
Due to its low power consumption, it can last for hours depending on the size of your battery.

It can also be used while camping in a tent, again being powered by a portable battery pack.

This product can be found here on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1LU0xNb

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