Innergie mMini AC15 Dual USB (2.1A & 1A) 15W Wall Power Adapter

This review is for the Innergie mMini AC15 Dual USB (2.1A & 1A) 15W Wall Power Adapter.

I purchased this charger because I needed a 2 AMP charger for my phone and tablet. Because of the fact that it has 15 watts, I am able to charge two devices at the same time with great power.

Charging times were improved greatly over the stock charger that came with my phone. I love the fact that it has a very slim and sleek design so that it doesn’t block the other wall outlet while plugged in.

The subtle blue led is also great because I have a light switch on my outlet, so this tells me that the switch is on and the charger is getting power. Also unlike other chargers you can use either port for 2.1A and 1A which is quite flexible.

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